This authentic Benford Yacht Hat
is Proudly Made in the USA

Capture the Skipper's Hat nostalgia. 

Become part of the Benford Yacht Hat family.
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Comments from some proud Benford Yacht Hat owners:

"I have been thinking about my new Benford Yacht Hat and why it is important to me to have this quality chapeau. For my life experiences and fond memories were most always accompanied by me wearing one of my favorites hats and I want my Benford Yacht Hat to be part of me on my adventures.
My surviving and most endearing hats still vividly evoke the memories of past good times. Again reminding me too that I still have more roads to travel, more water to go under the keel and why I welcome my new Benford Yacht Hat to my chosen assemblage of my favored hats.  And Lastly,  most importantly I shall hope my new Benford Hat will become my most favorite as it’s the water that makes me tick and this hat fits that bill!"    Fair winds, Captain Richard C. Sturgill, Steam Launch "Gizmo"

"I learned about your product on the website.  I have been looking for a high quality cap such as this one for several years.  I quite frankly had given up the search until I saw your link on the Woody Boat!  I just received my hat - it is perfect in both fit and craftsmanship!  As a hat maker myself (I make custom cowboy hats) I greatly admire your fine product.  Thanks for fulfilling my desire!  I shall wear it proudly and tell everyone who asks to go to Benford Yacht Hat!" Paul Hoiland,



Have you been frustrated searching for an authentic Captain's Hat??
Here is your answer!

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Premium quality American craftsmanship.
Fully lined with
 a custom-tailored design.

Classic style loved by
Humphrey Bogart,
Gilligan's Island "The Skipper",
                           and Elvis Presley !

The crossed anchor logo is Hand-Embroidered
using Gold Bullion Wire,
NOT a machine-made sewn-on patch. 

We have traced this vintage nautical design back at least as far as 1868.
While this "Lancaster" style of hat went out of production in 2011,
Benford Yacht Hat has brought the REAL Captain's Hat back to market.

Definitely NOT a one-size-fits-all Costume Hat!
Your black Captain's hat is available in 11 sizes!